4000 to 5000 Bushels of Oats

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Feed Information

Feed Type
Total Weight
5000 Bushel
Approximate # of Truckloads
Has this Grain been harvested yet?
Yes , On August 20, 2017
Feed Storage
Not Available
Has this Grain been tested yet?
Moisture Content
Not Available
Protein Content
Not Available

Test Results

Not Available

Grain Cleaned
Scales Available

Seller Information

Owner's Name
Bid Basis
Per Bushel
Minimum Purchase (# of Bushels)
Not Available


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4000 to 5000 Bushels of Oats


Auction Name: 4000 to 5000 Bushels of Oats
Auction ID: #85108623
Current Location: T0H1B0, CanadaSeller Location
Farm name: None
Seller Rating: No feedback available on seller.
Farm Address: None, Canada Map
Farm City: None
Farm Province: None
Has this Grain Feed been Harvested Yet? Yes
Harvest Date August 20, 2017
Grain Type Oats
Delivery Date April 06, 2018
Storage Location - City Debolt
Location - Province
Location - Postal Code T0h1b0
How is this Grain being Sold? Bushel
Total Weight 77.11 Metric Tonne, 5000 Bushels
Approximate # of Truckloads 1.8360
Scales Available No
Feed Storage Not Available
Weather Damage No
Has this Grain been tested No
Organic Certified No
Grain Cleaned No
Owner's Name Trevor
Seller Offer Warranty No
Terms of Sale Not Available
Additional Information Not Available
Sorry. This seller didn't specify an exact location
User Farm name Made Amount

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