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Here's how buying on AgBuySell work in few simple steps:

  • Carefully review the listing.

  • If you have any additional questions about the item, you can get these answered by clicking on "Message Seller" within the auction or contact the AgBuySell Support team.
  • Enter your bid – that is at least the current price plus the minimal bid increment for the category – and then click the Bid Now button.

  • Review your bid, and then click the Bid Now button.

  • Your bid is placed as the highest bid on the relevant listing and the seller notified via email of your action.
  • The seller has the option to contact you via AgBuySell Messages to confirm and/or negotiate your bid.
  • When the listing ends, you'll receive an email indicating whether you've won the item and an explanation of what to do next.

Bidding for products is free on AgBuySell and available to all registered members. Non-registered visitors can only access only partial listing information – Name, Category, Current Price – and are unable to participate in auctions. To start bidding today, register now!

A bid increment is the minimal amount a bid must be above the last bid. The increment is predetermined by the category you are bidding on:

  • For Purebred auctions, a $5 minimum bid increment applies.
  • For Semen & Embryos, a $0.50 minimum bid increment applies.
  • For Feed & Commercial auctions, a $0.01 minimum bid increment applies.

Some sellers list their item(s) with a fixed price in addition to setting a starting bid price. You can decide to purchase the listing immediately by clicking the Buy It Now button.

By selecting this option, the seller will be notified of your intention to purchase the item(s). Upon confirmation from the seller, the listing will end and you will receive an email indicating the next steps to confirm the transaction.

Some sellers specify a reserve price, which is a hidden minimum price for their item.

How it works:

  • As a buyer, you are not shown the reserve price, only whether the reserve has been met.

  • The seller is not obligated to sell the item if the reserve price is not met.

  • The winning bidder must meet or exceed the reserve price.
  • When there is a reserve price, bid as usual, entering the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item.

  • Watch the label below the current price to see whether the reserve price has been met.

  • Once the reserve has been met, the item(s) will be sold to the bidder chosen by the seller when the auction closes.

Sometimes you may be interested in a listing, but you may not be quite ready to bid on it.

Watching a listing allows you to bookmark a specific item and keep track of it with no commitment to buy. You can add several listings to your watch list and wait until you are ready to bid.

To add a listing in your watch list:

  • with your account

  • Click on the ADD TO MY WATCH LIST icon of the particular listing you would like to follow Auction not on watchlist
    Add to watchlist example
  • The icon will then appear in green to signal the item has been added to your watch list Auction added to watchlist
    Auction added to watchlist example
  • You will then be notified of all activity on the listing and can manage this item directly from your account in the My Watch List section and directly on your account dashboard.

You can raise your bid at any time before the end of a listing. To do so, simply place another bid on the auction page, at a higher amount.

You can also access all your active bids on your dashboard in My Bids.

Bidding from the dashboard

Simply locate the relevant listing and increase your bid directly from your account.

Each bid placed enters you into a binding contract with the seller. All bids are active until the listing ends and if you win an item, you’re obligated to purchase it.

As outlined in AgBuySell Terms of Service you're not allowed to retract or cancel a bid.

We recommend you to carefully review the listing before placing and confirming your bid.

Bidding online is a competitive activity and has similar dynamics to a traditional physical auction.

To avoid being outbid on AgBuySell, you have 2 options:

  • Carefully monitoring the listing you are bidding on and setting up auction reminders.
  • Making an offer for a listing with a Buy It Now option.

In your account Dashboard, you can view all the items you're currently bidding on, whether or not you're the current high bidder.

  • Go to My Account.

  • Click the relevant listing on your dashboard or access all listings you are currently bidding on through My Bids > Active.
  • Through this section, you will be able to access all the items you're currently bidding on, place new bids, and view the time remaining before the end of the listing.
  • Bid Dashboard
  • If the box in the Winning column is ticked, it signals that you are currently the highest bidder for this item.
  • Highest Bid Indicator

If the box isn’t ticked, it means your offer has been outbid or rejected. However, you still have the opportunity to increase your bid or negotiate with the seller. To learn more about how to increase your bid, please refer to our dedicated section.

When a listing ends, it is automatically moved to the Won Auctions or Lost Bids tabs accordingly.

Set up auction reminders to ensure that you don't miss out on listings you may want to bid on.

You’ll receive an email notification including the bid price, bid history and the time remaining before expiration of the item you are following.

Here is how to set up those reminders:

  • with your account
  • Add a particular listing to your watch list
 (learn more about My Watch List in its dedicated section)

Yes! Through the Latest Bids tab on a specific listing page, you can see who the highest bidder is and the last 10 bids placed on this auction.

Latest Bids Tab

To learn more about how to avoid being outbid, please refer to the dedicated section.

If you are the winner of an auction or a listing, you will be given the seller's contact information.

You (the buyer) and the seller are responsible for making arrangements for payment and shipment.

AgBuySell does not collect money or represent payment on behalf of buyers.

AgBuySell only brings buyers and sellers together, and payment arrangements are left up to each of the parties involved.

After you've won or bought the item, your payment should be made to the seller within 7 business days according to AgBuySell Terms of Services and your payment arrangements (electronic, bank transfer, cash, etc.) are left to your negotiations with the seller.

Failure to do complete your payment in due course may result in a negative feedback rating and a cancellation of your AgBuySell membership.

AgBuySell will soon integrate a feature that enables Licensed Livestock Haulers to bid on completed Cattle Auctions.

Once the auction and transaction are completed, you can decide to set an auction for the shipment of the item(s) from the seller’s location to yours.

This shipment request will be posted to all Livestock Haulers who have a registered commercial account with AgBuySell, and are accredited Livestock transporters in Canada.

Here is how to set up a shipment request:

  • Once the transaction with the seller is completed, go to My Bids > Winning Bids in your account section or from your won auctions tab within your Dashboard:
    Won Auctions
  • Select the relevant listing in the Manage column and click on Send to Shipment
    Sending an auction to shipment

After the listing is over, if you won the item, you'll need to pay for it, organize the shipment and leave feedback for both the seller and shipment company if relevant.

AgBuySell feedback is important to maintain the integrity of the website and ensure all parties are fulfilling their parts in the contract. And we appreciate your help in this process.

To leave feedback about your transaction(s) with the seller:

  • Go to My Account.

  • Click the relevant listing on your dashboard or through the My Bids > Won link in the left column

    Viewing won bids
  • In the far right actions column, click on Leave Feedback and follow the instructions provided.
    Leaving Feedback

For any questions related to feedback and account management, our customer support team is available via email and through our hotline 1-844-711-BIDS, Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm MST time.