Bred 2nd Calvers

  • #73375534

Breed Information

Breed type
  • Angus
Bred Cows
Date of Birth & Age
Not Available
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Approximate Average Weight
1299 lb
Weight Range
Weighing Condition
Not Available
Frame Size
Not Available
Body Condition Score
Not Available
Feed Program
Not Available

Feed Program Comments

Not Available

Health Program

Vaccination Type
Not Available
Vaccination Booster
Booster Type
Not Available
IBR Tested

Health Program Comments

Not Available

Seller Information

Owner's Name
Trevor Richardson
Crossfield , AB
Bid Basis
Per Animal
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  • Member Since: Jan - 2018

  • Seller Location: Crossfield , AB

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Bred 2nd Calvers


Commercial Information

Average Weight Weight Range Delivery Date
Approx 1300.0 lb Approx 1200-1300 lb 2018-01-31
Auction Name: Bred 2nd Calvers
Auction ID: #73375534
# of Cattle in Sale Lot: 80
Current Location: T0M 0S0, CanadaSeller Location
Farm name: None
Seller Rating: No feedback available on seller.
Farm Address: Box , Canada Map
Farm City: Crossfield
Farm Province: AB
Breed type
  • Angus
Animal Type Bred Cows
Subtype Information Not Available
Total # of Head In Auction 80
Estimated Due Date None
Approximate Average Weight 1299.00 lb
Animal Color
  • Black
  • Tan
  • White
Feed Program
Feed Program Comments Not Available
Weight Range 1200-1300
Weighing Condition Not Available
CCIA- Are these animals in a Special Tag Program? No
Are these animals Age verified? No
Frame Size Not Available
Body Condition Score Not Available
Branded Yes
Brand Description Not Available
Brand Location Left Hip
IBR Tested No
Vaccinated No
Vaccination Booster No
Owner's Name Trevor Richardson
Seller Offer Warranty No

Bred 2nd Calvers

T0M 0S0, Canada, Canada

Box , Crossfield , AB, T0M 0S0, Canada

Auction name & Number Bred 2nd Calvers (#73375534)
Current Item Location T0M 0S0, Canada Seller Location
Total number of items in auction 80
Average weight 1300.00 lbs
Total weight estimate of auction 103999.86 lbs

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Auction Origin City & Province T0M 0S0, Crossfield
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